Lord, Give Me the Strength to Taper

I walked 7 miles on Monday and came home from work today and immediately jumped into my running gear.  Why is it so hard for me just to sit still!  I want to run, but I’m fighting the urge and need to get ready for this weekend!  So hard to do!  Eighteen miles on Friday.

Parting is such sweet sorrow…eh, not so much

You were so tempting.  The way your racing stripes caressed the curves of your body.  I loved the way your bright green laces stood out against your bright purple background.  So bright, so…very, very bright.  Inside you were pretty in pink.  I even believed the store clerk when he said, “they run a little small, so you should go up a size, bigger is better”.  Yes, I said, as I reached for my credit card and took you home.  The days cheerily passed by.  People stared at us when we were together.  They said, we make such a great pair.  I thought that it was forever, or at least for six months or 500 miles whatever came first.

But you betrayed me.  I thought you would support me, but you left me with blisters on my heels.  I had hope you’d come around, but frankly I’m tired and ready to move on, Asics.  I’ve found….somebody new.  Surely, you understand.  What type of lady would I be if I just settled?  Who is it you ask?


Well, if you must know.  He provides the stability I need.  He makes me feel so good from my toes all the way up to my knees.  He’s bright and cheery and frankly I like his laces a whole lot better than yours.  I’m sorry Asics, but you should have known better.  Mr. Brooks knows how to treat a lady!