Mileage Recap – 12 ~ 24 May

flagLet me start off by saying Happy Memorial Day weekend.  As an Army veteran, I hold this day of recognition in high regard.  Some of the best people you’ll ever meet are veterans. 

I’m really enjoying the bike.  Took it out for a little spin on Mother’s Day in normal attire, i.e., no bike shorts.  Now remember, I’m a “new” biker.  The seats on these bad boys are pretty thin.  I figured that I could pick up a pair of bike pants sometime down the road when I have time.  Took the bike out again a couple of days later around the neighborhood and I do believe I hit every bump I possibly could.  I felt it ~ did I say a felt it?  I felt like I was one of those horse riders who never really sits down in the saddle when they jump an obstacle.  Hmmmm this girl needs some cushion STAT!  I purchased a pair of “riding pants” and it made all the difference.  Whew, crisis adverted.

Riding the bike is really giving me a chance to build up my legs differently than running provides and to strengthen the knees.  I can really tell the difference already.  Plus, this is giving me a chance to branch out into other activities besides just running.  I’m looking into a local biathlon in the area to participate in a few months.  Just have to figure out which one I want to do followed by triathlon training!  I’m excited and the challenge keeps me interested.

Blogger Live, Run, Grow suggested I pick up the book Triathlon For Every Woman, by Meredith Atwood, who also has the Swim, Bike, Mom blog.  Excited to read the book and the blog on my journey through triathlon training.

I use a variety of methods to track my miles.  I use the Nike plus, Garmin Forerunner ~ Garmin connect and the good ol honor system.  I thought that I would try to post the link to Garmin Connect showing some of the mileage I’ve done.  You’ll have to let me know if it works.

The mileage this time around came to a totally of 37.19 with a long ride of 14.40 yesterday.  Total miles gratefully remaining 10,042.47!  I have a week to make those 5 numbers into 4.  So grateful.  Remember….if you see a vet, please shake their hand and give them a hug ~ look them in the eye and say thanks!